The music of Shakedown Tim & the Rhythm Revue is straight up, down home blues, jump & jive and uptown boogie.
These guys serve up the blues like they came out of the Mississippi Delta and went to Chicago and yet they hail from ports far away.

Shakedown Tim Ielegems is a founding member of the band Fried Bourbon and he also played with Gene Taylor, James Harman, Roland Van Campenhout, Steven De Bruyn, Jo' Buddy, Bill Barret, Bill Sh

Boss (upright bass),  Dennis Tubs (drums),  Bart Stone ( saxophone ) and Shakedown Tim (vocals & guitars) make up the main band. The sounds of a vintage fat body guitar, a killer rhythm section and a big voice will bring you some low down blues, some happy blues , wild Memphis style boogie woogie, full-throated juke joint stomp and you can save your soul with some sinners gospel.

Rhythm Bomb records (London) has recently released the band's debut album "Hard To Catch", produced by Nico Duportal.
The result is a blend of different blues styles which has received a great number of positive reviews.
This band is not only shooting from, but right at the hips as well; they will wanna see ànd make you DANCE !

Shakedown Tim & the Rhythm Revue hope to see y’all soon and shake what your mama gave ya!


“Hard to Catch” certainly should be part of a CD collection. The feelgood mood and excitement is infectious and certainly hard to stop moving.” (Track, november 2016) 

"A blend of different Blues styles. Eight originals from Tim proove that he is a great songwriter too. Modern, sometimes really funny lyrics make this record fun to listen too."  (Racketeer radio 2016)

“Een verbluffend authentiek klinkende sound. Onze zuiderburen hebben er weer een bluesband bij om rekening mee te houden.” (Heaven, nov/dec 2016) 

Shaken, jumpen en swingen, het kan allemaal met dit album.  Shakedown Tim & The Rhythm Revue gaan pijlsnel richting top van de Belgische rhythm & bluesscene. Bands die in hun voetsporen willen treden, zullen straf uit de hoek moeten komen, want… this band is ‘Hard To Catch’!"   (Keys and Chords, oktober 2016)

"Un joli voyage dans le temps en musique, pas prise de tête pour un sou et charmant de la première à la dernière minute. Conseillé."  (My head is a jukebox Fr, September 2016)

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