"Dishing up just as easily rhythm'n'blues, as well as zydeco and a capella gospel music, these guys provide plenty ingredients for a tasty night out. Topped up with flavours of fabulous harmony vocals, spicy percussion and Dobro-hot-sauce, their concert is a true delight ..."

Louisiana Men bring you a spicy gumbo of Swing-Blues, New Orleans grooves and Zydeco Music.
They guide you through the swamps of Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta.

Hans “Homesick” de Vries toured intensively throughout Europe.
He shared the stage with names like Willy Deville, Dr. John, and Los Lobos.

With Alex Siegers ( percussion, vocals ) and Toon Ekkers ( guitar, vocals ) Hans de Vries once more got powerful mates who feed in their own musical experience.
No matter if it's singing in three-part harmony or the goosebumps creating leadvocals of Alex Siegers: when Toon Ekkers adds his Texas Telecaster pure magic is the outcome. Together they are authentic and alive like the south, like Louisiana itself.

The Louisiana Men play an irresistable gumbo of New Orleans R&B, Cajun, Gospel, Zydeco.
Don’t miss them when they play your town !


"Lovely lead and rare harmony singing." ( Block Magazine )

"Nobody, and I repeat, nobody does succeed in playing this music from the Southern States so satisfying as Hans and his companions." (Mazzmusikas)

"Such power and dynamics as they manage to produce..." (New Folk Sounds)

"Rousing roots music by true musicians." (Fret)

"In Holland no one knows how to play this so-called 'simple' music so exactly right as Homesick and friends. With almost careless virtuosity and razor-sharp harmony vocals..." ( Oor Magazine )

"When you're able, with only a guitar, some percussion and a blues harp, to make all Deep South roots music sound so exciting, than you can really hold your own." (Aloha)

Tel. 0165 - 553115    E-mail: info@genuinemusic.nl

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