Philip Kroonenberg was born in 1952. He started to play guitar at the age of eight. His father thaught him the first cords on the 'ukelele and as he managed to play right away, he was allowed to take guitar lessons.

The teacher noticed a talent for flamenco guitar, but Philip became more and more interested in playing what he heard on the old Folkblues records his father has brought from the USA in 1956. Big Bill Broonzy, Lightning Hopkins, Leadbelly and Pete Seeger were his favourites. His father also loved French chansons and calypso's. Philip has developed his own style of music in wich you can recognize a mixture of these styles. In his playing you can still hear the flamenco background. Philip has developed his own way of playing guitar that moves between double bass fingerpicking, platpicking and a flamenco-kind of strum.

From 1977 he sticks to just playing his own songs. He gets inspired by things that move him. Either happy or unhappy events, as long as a song comes out it's been good for something.

His music sounds dark and sunny at the same time.
From the swamps of southern parts of North-America to the sunny Carribean islands.
Songs are built around his acoustic guitar, an old Martin D41. You could call Philip a singer/songwriter, and in fact he is, but there is a big difference too: in Kroonenberg's music the groove is always an important ingredient. Listening you sometimes find yourself riding an elephant, next time you're on a fast train or conducting your favourite automobile along the sea.

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