JOHN PACKER    ( 1948 - 2008 )   I.M.

Bassplayer and guitarist John Packer passed away on October 20th 2008.

This page is made in memory of a fine musician and nice and  gentle person. He will be missed....

John has toured both the States and Europe.
He made his contribution to the following albums:

Dunn-Packer Band - Love Against The Wall ( 1990 )
Duke Robillard - La Palette Bleue ( 1999 )
Billy Boy Arnold - Boogie 'n' Shuffle ( 1999 )
Duke Robillard - The Explorer ( 2000 )
Duke Robillard - Living With The Blues ( 2002 )
Duke Robillard - World Full Of Blues ( 2007 )
Jay McShann - Still Jumpin' The Blues
Bryan Lee & the Blues Power Band - Katrina Was Her Name

A tribute concert in John Packers memory was held in East Providence
on February 15th 2009 with help of

The Duke Robillard Band
Dave Howard and The Highrollers
Tim Taylor Blues Band
Marlie Wanseth
Loaded Dice
The Radio Kings

Feel free to send your message about John to:

John Packer was a great friend and I miss him.
We spent a lot of time driving to gigs and often talked about his time in Europe with fondness.
John was a good musician and a gentle soul who would never hurt anyone......
    Tom Ferraro

Dear John, I am so sorry and deeply shocked to hear you passed away. Thank you for good times we spent together....... Marijke

Met verbazing heb ik enkele maanden geleden vernomen van het overlijden van John Packer. Het moet in de begin jaren 90 zijn geweest dat ik zowel John Packer als Keith Dunn voor een tourtje langs het kleine clubcircuit over heb laten komen uit Amerika.
Na enkele jaren hield John het voor gezien. Volgens ingewijden kon hij niet aarden in ons kikkerlandje.
Keith Dunn bleef en naar ik weet woont hij nog steeds in Rotterdam.
We hebben John Packer altijd als een zeer sympathieke en muzikale artiest gezien. Moge hij ruste in vrede.                   
Bert Dirks,   Bluessocieteit l' Esprit

John Packer was a nice guy and great musician. It was an honour to be part of his band when he lived in Rotterdam.
I learned a lot from John and he insprired me a lot.  Rest in peace..... 
 John Zwetsloot

John passed away too early. We had great times playing together  in the early nineties. 
We miss you.  R.I.P. John Packer 
   Kees van Krugten.

Very sad to find out your good friend is gone. In the 90's we had a lot of fun with the Dunn & Packer Band here in Holland, together with John Packer, Keith Dunn, Kees van Krugten, Henk Arts and me as Roady. I wil remember him as a very nice person and a close friend.
Thanks John for the good times, we will miss you.
 Bertus de Jong