Jean Paul Rena was launched in 2004 with his debut CD "Introducing... " on the quality roots/rock label CoraZong Records. 
Critics immediately praised the release and mentioned "...a bunch of musicians who have left some scorched stages behind after their gigs. This is the kind of material that every bluesrocker will value..." (Oor)

Jean Paul Rena is a 120 kilo "Boogieman" from Den Haag. This "white boy" comes from a family of musical artists, and squeezes the music from his guitar and takes his audience on a toer of Roots, Blues and Rock music.

Due to the many gigs on local and international circuits, Jean Paul has grown in stature as singer and guitarist since his debut album. His new CD "Can’t Be Satisfied" is basic and raw, straight from the shoulder, honest and powerful.

His own numbers are interlaced with covers such as Hoochie Coochie Man and Voodoo Chile, inventively interpreted as only he can.

Jean Paul plays his music so intense that sitting it out is definitely not an option.

As FRET Magazine put it: “JP Rena hammered on the door with Introducting, but with Can't Be Satisfied, he's broken through.
Let's have a party !!!”

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