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Genuine Music Agency has long been a reliable partner in the world of music
and specializes in real and genuine live music.

With us you are at the right place for a wide variety of musical acts.
We book and promote artists in various genres, including blues,
boogie woogie, cajun, irish folk,  jazz, rock & roll, sixties, soul, texmex and zydeco.
Furthermore we promote a number of acoustic acts.

Genuine Music Agency supports organizers with advice, bookings,
publicity and finding the right facility companies.

Our office is located at the border of the Netherlands and Belgium
and mainly works for artists living in these two countries. 

Genuine Music Agency......the shortest path to quality bands with musical passion !

John Zwetsloot, Postbus 1577, 4700 BN Roosendaal, The Netherlands

Attention: New address from october 1st will be Damstraat 11, 4701 GK Roosendaal
Phone:  +31 (0) 165 553115     E-mail:


Big Bo Captain Gumbo Scotch 'n' Soda Jean Paul Rena Louisiana Men Magic Frankie

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