Dirty Fiveís recipe is as simple as stunning. Five great musicians, a bunch of good songs and a lot of passion.
Add some toppings to it like an excellent choice in covers and an musical knowledge and you know that youíre in for a treat. The band takes you out on a musical journey throughout the world of soul, jazz, funk and blues on which youíll look back to with fond memories.

Dirty Five is not your typical cover band nor is it a mechanical jukebox playing your common blues hits. Indulge yourself into their world of music and take a good listen to their live album including renditions of local heroes, young blues artists and classic performers. In the near future youíll be treated on some of their self-penned tunes. From that moment on youíll understand that blues is not only a genre, but itís above all a way of living.




Jan Bruynooghe - vocals, guitar
Stefan Gulinck - guitar
Thomas Vandenabeele - harmonica
Pascal Claeys - drums
Wolf Everaert - bass

Tel. +31 165 - 553115    E-mail: info@genuinemusic.nl      

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