Des Fais Do Do is a dutch folk music oriented band.
There are six people involved most of them having a broad experience in bands since the beginning of the 1970's.

Des Fais Do Do started 1991 as a band playing regularly in bars and at parties. Allthough the band-members still earn their living with "decent" jobs,  the band is widely known in the Cajun-scene.

In March 1997 the band released their first CD "Mardi Blue Grass" and made a tour through Louisiana, meeting and playing with musicians like Eddie LeJeune, Marc Savoy, D.L. Menard, Horace Trahan, Leo Abshire, Bobby Michot a.m.o.

Des Fais Do Do mixes Cajun with other musical influences to a very own and particular style, that is much appreciated in the Cajunscene.
Dale "Le Blanc" Johnson from KVMR Radio, Nevada City, Ca. added "Mardi Blue Grass" to his list of 1997 favourites.


The instrumentation consists of French accordions, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, acoustic guitar, bass and special percussion ( petit fer, spoons, frottoir ), suitable for Cajun and the mixture of roots-music, nowadays mostly called "Americana".

Not typical Cajun-instruments like the banjo are used in typical, mostly well-known Cajun songs and that in some Bluegrass-orientated songs like "You lown down dirty dog" by bluegrassfiddler Jay Ungar a triangle fits in wonderful, giving the song a typical Cajunblend, though sung in English

Their 2002 CD "Eddie's Tire Service" was followed by the mini-live CD.
Nowadays Des Fais Do Do mainly tours in Holland and Germany.

The strong points of Des Fais Do Do are the distinctive instrumentation and styles of songs in combination with the unflagging enthusiasm during the performance of both fast and slow, unisonous or part-sung and merry or melancholy songs, to which can quietly be listened but surely also danced, waltzed, jigged and jogged!

Henk Leeuwis - vocals, guitar
Bert Hek - french accordion, mandoline, vocals
Martin van Laar - banjo, vocals, percussion
Bennie Stortelder - fiddle, vocals
Derk Habers - bass
Alex Vreeman - cajon, drums, percussion

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